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The “easy to use” alternative to cheque and cash payment

NORTHAMPTON, February 8th, 2010 – Payatrader is a revolutionary solution to the inconvenience of paying traders, who provide services to households in the UK. Payatrader is a secure online solution which gives householders and traders greater choice, convenience and control over how they make and take payments.

This pioneering new service comes amidst growing fears over the potential impact of bank cheque removal (expected by 2018), the withdrawal of cheque guarantee cards (from 2011) and the safety risk of paying by cash on the doorstep. In the UK, cheque is still the most common method of paying bills and traders, despite the high level of counterfeit cheque fraud being perpetrated and the risk of payments ‘bouncing’ for businesses.

With Payatrader, users can log on to their unique online account to pay for services provided to their household using debit and credit cards. Trades covered include plumbers, mobile hairdressers, gardeners, window cleaners, newspaper delivery, electricians, property maintenance and many more.

Those who do not have access to the internet can also make use of the service via the telephone. This ensures maximum inclusion for some of the most vulnerable groups of society, including the elderly and housebound. They can access Payatrader by their chosen method and take advantage of the personal safety benefits of paying through a non-intrusive and secure channel.

Masterminded by industry experts, Payatrader is designed to guarantee swift and convenient payment for thousands of traders and their customers across the UK. The unique website has been developed to provide a free-to-use database of credit assessed traders, which other customers have employed and rated.

The service can be used for both regular trader payments, such as cleaning and gardening, or for one-off payments like paying for plumbing or building maintenance. Payatrader is completely free to use for consumers, and has a dedicated customer service team to assist with payments and queries. For traders the service is pay-as-you go once registered - there is no obligation to use the service once an account has been set up.

Payatrader is the first online service of its kind to be launched in the UK and represents an early response to the industry challenge to deliver and raise awareness of easy-to-use and efficient alternatives to cheque payment.

Recently, a research paper written by the “Cheque and Credit Card Company”, called for more focus on the importance of increasing knowledge to encourage trials and take up of new ways-to-pay. Along with addressing this problem, the team behind this innovative product also hopes that it will bring smaller traders the benefits of faster payment, without the need to use card acceptance terminals or the inconvenience of returning to completed jobs to chase payments.

Notes for editors: About Payatrader

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Notes for editors: Cheques Useful facts*: The use of cheques is on the decline, but there are still 3.8 million cheques issued each day. This is predicted to drop by 2.2 million by 2016.

On average, we write 14 cheques per year and receive 5.

There are regional differences. In Scotland cheques are used only half as much as in the South East.

Counterfeit cheque fraud is still an industry problem, in the 12 months leading up to October 2009, £31.4M in cheque fraud was perpetrated.

Payatrader is a secure alternative to cheques and householders can pay by phone or online at any time after completion of the work. The most common use for cheques is paying bills and making trade payments

*The Cheque and Credit Card Company

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